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The drawing  techniques I use are mainly traditional drawing or painting, and digital free hand drawing. I use different techniques separately but sometimes I tend to mix traditional and digital media in order to improve the originality of my work.


When drawing for clients belonging to the field of design I normally sketch ideas on paper using chalk, pastels, pencils or fingerpainting with acrilics. 
I like to use the quick speedform sketching learned @ Art Center, which consists of drawing random free shapes which will be later forced to become designs.
Free hand sketching on paper always helps to achieve the best results in terms of shapes and originality of the proportions.
Fingerpainting also guarantees nice and out of the box ideas, as it allows your finger gestuality
to generate signs straight on the device you draw. Fingerpainting means no filters, no distances between your creativity and the paper.
I finish my drawings using markers or when required digital painting.
I like the idea of combining loose, messy gestures with cleaner and more refined drawings.
My ideation sketches are usually dirty and passionate while I tend to draw clean and tight for presentation drawings.


When making arts I usually paint on canvas with acrilic mixing it with pencils and water inks.
Sometimes I combine digital painting with real painting. In this case I print original digital drawings of mine on different medias like wood, paper or cotton canvas, and later I work directly on the print using traditional acrilics and oil colours, combined with pancils and inks.
I always attend to paint some parts of my canvas with my fingers.
Every Arts of mine is a single piece edition, and signed as authentic by the Artist.