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Born in Padova (Italy) in 1977, Guido Bottazzo is a visual artist whose cultural roots are to be found in the Architecture world first, and later in that of Transportation Design.
In 2003 he graduates with honour at the IUAV of Venice in northern Italy, and later he focuses in Transportation Design attending ACCD of Pasadena from 2005 to 2007, with honour grades.
In 2008 together with Designer Francesco Barbi, they create the design laboratory barbibottazzo.com.
Over the years Bottazzo has cooperated with many designers, artists and manageres, putting hands on a diverse variety of projects and drawings for different clients like Ferrari, Iveco, Brilliance, Tata, DeLonghi, Wilier, always trying to experiment new and original drawing techniques, both traditional and digital.
Today Bottazzo focuses his creativity drawing both for the design industry, and for a self titled project of visual arts named BOTTAZZO ARTWORK.


  • 2003 Honour award at the Graduation show @ IUAV Venezia.  Leaded by the IUAV Design Department President Luciano Semerani, Guido Bottazzo designed a futuristic clean energy production park, set in northern Venice.
  • 2005 Bottazzo has been asked by the ACCD professor Richard Pietruska to design the trophees for the Petersehen Museum of Los Angeles.
  • 2006 Bottazzo appears as the italian designer in the american TV Show "Monster Garage" in the episode named "Pasta Ferrari". 
  • 2006 Bottazzo gains the Art Center College of Design Gallery with the project TREMION.
  • 2012 Bottazzo together with designer Francesco Barbi wins the Young and Design prize @ International Forniture Salone in Milan with the project "Liana" chair.
  • 2012 Bottazzo brings to life his collection of arts named "The pure eyes of child" in which he tells stories of an imaginery  world, seen from the eyes of the child set in each of us. His arts get final at the prize "Rosso Ferrari per l' Arte" in Rome, while in 2013 Bottazzo  Artwork has been selected Finalist @ the International contemporary Art Laguna Prize set in Venice, Italy. 
  • 2013 Bottazzo appears with Francesco Barbi in the April issue of Architectural Digest with project "Collezione Pasta".
  • 2014 Bottazzo appears with Francesco Barbi in the April issue of Architectural Digest with the project "Pipa" by Riva 1920.
  • 2014 Guido Bottazzo is guest @ Houston Methodist Hospital with the lecture "How can design improve quality of life?" supported by Dr. Barbara Bass.